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Coined by American author, activist, and entrepreneur Eli Pariser in 2010.[1]


filter bubble (plural filter bubbles)

  1. A state of intellectual isolation resulting from exposure to only highly personalized Internet content.
    Coordinate term: echo chamber
    • 2020 June 16, Brooke Shelby Biggs, “Do you live in a news bubble?”, in Independent Lens:
      The other problem with algorithms is that they trap us in what is known as “filter bubbles” — the digital equivalent of an echo chamber, in which our incoming sources of information have been so customized to us that they simply confirm and reinforce what we already believe.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:filter bubble.



  • German: Filterblase (calque)
  • Polish: bańka informacyjna (calque)



  1. ^ Eli Pariser (2011) The Filter Bubble: What The Internet Is Hiding From You, Penguin UK, →ISBN:
    They are prediction engines, constantly creating and refining a theory of who you are and what you'll do and want next. Together, these engines create a unique universe of information for each of us—what I've come to call a filter bubble—which fundamentally alters the way we encounter ideas and information.

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