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Alternative forms[edit]


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circle jerk (plural circle jerks)

  1. (vulgar, slang) A group of males masturbating ("jerking off") together (with or without interpersonal contact).
  2. (vulgar, derogatory, slang) Any group or group activity indulging in excessive mutual praise.
    • 2022 October 27, Carol Midgley, “The Love Box in Your Living Room review — Harry and Paul toast the Beeb with a roast”, in The Times[1]:
      When organisations celebrate their anniversaries you can usually expect a dull circle jerk of self-congratulation, so the BBC played a blinder in getting Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse to do it for them. Patting yourself on the back looks better when you send yourself up.
  3. (vulgar, Internet slang) An environment (especially an online community) in which people express or validate a narrow set of ideas and feelings.
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  4. (vulgar, derogatory, slang) A situation in which a group of people engage in self-indulgent or self-gratifying behavior, especially by reinforcing each other's views or attitudes.
    • 2020 January 20, Suzanne Moore, “I’d never heard of Laurence Fox until he started lecturing us about racism”, in The Guardian[2]:
      There is a long line of these types, some cleverer than others: Rod Liddle, Richard Littlejohn and Jeremy Clarkson, with Toby Young, James Delingpole and Martin Daubney on the subs’ bench. They present as dissenting voices, speaking truth to the elite. In reality, they just preach to people their age. To call this circle jerk of intolerance a culture war is to ennoble it.
  5. (vulgar, drug user slang) A person who shares syringes when injecting drugs.
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circle jerk (third-person singular simple present circle jerks, present participle circle jerking, simple past and past participle circle jerked)

  1. (vulgar, slang) to participate in a circle jerk