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filtride (plural filtrides)

  1. (chemistry) The substance which remains on the filter after the filtrate passes through it.
    • 2008, David Lindkvist, Method and arrangement for fixing an endless wire (US Patent application US20110233130A1):
      The filtride, i.e. the solid portions that are obtained from the filtration, adheres to the outer surface of the wire 2 and may be gathered, e.g. by means of a water jet, a doctor blade or the like.
    • 2014, Dylan J. Boday & Timothy C. Mauldin, Flame-retardant polylactic acid (PLA) by grafting through of phosphorus-containing polymers directly to PLA backbone (US Patant US9187597B1):
      After the monomer is consumed, the reaction mixture is cooled to room temperature. Then, filtration is employed to separate the solid filtride from the liquid filtrate.
    • 2015 September, Yilei Wang, Ahmed G. El-Deen, Peng Li, Bernice H.L. Oh, Zanru Guo, Mya Mya Khin, Yogesh S. Vikhe, Jing Wang, Rebecca G. Hu∥, Remko M. Boom, Kimberly A. Kline, David L. Becker, Hongwei Duan, and Mary B. Chan-Park, “High-Performance Capacitive Deionization Disinfection of Water with Graphene Oxide-graft-Quaternized Chitosan Nanohybrid Electrode Coating”, in American Chemical Society NANO:
      The precipitate was filtered out, and the filtride on the filter paper was washed repeatedly with distilled water until the filtrate became neutral. Soxhlet extraction using ethanol and diethyl ether mixture was performed to remove unreacted reagents.
    Synonym: residue