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Blend of finish +‎ shipper.


finishipper (plural finishippers)

  1. (X-Files fandom slang) A shipper of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who only wanted the pair to become romantically involved at the end of the series.
    • 1999 February 23, Jewlz! [username], “This is where I stand..”, in, Usenet[1]:
      Yes, I'm a shipper! I feel that M and S secretly love each other, but can't express their feelings right now due to their partnership. so I'm technically a finishipper!
    • 1999 July 11, Marita the Land Manatee [username], “Re: NRMTPB”, in, Usenet[2]:
      I have some respect for the views of the finishippers, as they realize that a romance would ruin the show, so they'll put it off till the end.
    • 2000 May 3, Kool Kristen [username], “Re: All Things Re-Examined”, in, Usenet[3]:
      I think that if they showed us a consummation or even a simple acknowlegement of their wuv at the end of the series, there would be no way they could focus on it, except in a movie, and even then, I wouldn't want more than one or two scenes that acknowlege[sic] the relationship. I guess that makes me more of a finishipper.
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