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fin +‎ -age


finnage (countable and uncountable, plural finnages)

  1. (The set or totality of) fins on something such as a fish.
    • 1957, Water Life and Aquaria World:
      A good Platy should have a deep body, well spread finnage, and bold colour; for example, Red Platies must have a scarlet-red body with the red spreading into the fins. They should not be of the pinky orange shade which we so often see.
    • 1975, The Aquarist and Pondkeeper:
      Betta splendens comes from further India, where it inhabits stagnant, overgrown waters. Wild fish lack the magnificent finnage characteristic of the cultured forms which dominate the trade, the former being practically impossible to obtain.
    • 2008, C. Greg Lutz, Practical Genetics for Aquaculture, John Wiley & Sons, →ISBN, page 11:
      The F1 offspring produced would all be gray-green in color with normal finnage. Sampling in the subsequent generation would reveal a number of phenotypes: gray-green with normal fins, gray-green with long fins, pink with normal fins, and ...
    • 2008, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium:
      A breeder who wants males with great length and breadth of finnage is well advised to choose both the males and females with the most substantial finnage as breeding stock. Doing so will not only increase the finnage ...