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fire sale (plural fire sales)

  1. A clearance sale at greatly reduced prices, often at losses. Originally, a sale of product that had been damaged by fire or that could no longer be stored because the storage facility had been destroyed by fire necessitating immediate sale or loss of value.
    • 2015, Chris Lehmann, ‘The Candidates’, London Review of Books, vol. 37 no. 12:
      By the following year, Lehman’s enormous holdings in subprime loans were all but wiped out, and Bush was enlisted to see if he could engineer a fire sale of some of the bank’s empire of debt to the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.
    • 2015, Press Association, Wolves rescue point against Hull thanks to Allan McGregor howler (in The Guardian, 16 August 2015)[1]
      Bruce was happy with a point and is now focused on surviving a fire-sale at the KC Stadium before the transfer window shuts, with Tom Huddlestone linked with West Ham. “We have lost 14 players and brought in five or six but the transfer window [closing] is still three weeks away,” he said.