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fire +‎ call


firecall (plural firecalls)

  1. A call of fire alarm to a fire station.
  2. (computer security) A request for provision of emergency access to a computer system in order to fix a problem
    • 1996 August, Computer Incident Response Guidebook, NAVSO P-5239-19, Department of the Navy
      Firecall procedures must include provisions for verifying the identity of the person who needs a password or encryption key during an emergency.
    • 2001 December, Thomas R. Peltier, Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards, page 283, CRC Press
      Special procedures and audited “firecall” userids have been established for application, system, and network troubleshooting activities.
    • 2003 September, Terri Hill et al., HP NonStop Server Security, page 92, Digital Press
      All Privileged IDs should be treated as ‘check out’ or ‘firecall’ IDs.

Derived terms[edit]