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Alternative forms[edit]


From fish +‎ lore.


fishlore (uncountable)

  1. The knowledge, stories, and traditions associated with angling or fishing.
    • 1886, The Academy: Volume 29:
      Another index renders all this fishlore at once accessible to the angler.
    • 2005, Will Ferguson, Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw: Travels in Search of Canada:
      This is a ritual — a completely bogus ritual — staged mainly to amuse the locals, wherein gullible tourists are forced to recite some fishlore gibberish and drink a kick of rum (the infamous screech) and then kiss a cod, [...]
  2. The knowledge, science, or study of fish; ichthyology.
    • 1894, Bombay Natural History Society, Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society: Volume 8:
      I have already mentioned that these fish seem capable of actually breathing atmospheric air, but what the eggs should want with air, and compressed air at that, I leave others better versed in fishlore to explain.