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From fish +‎ -o.


fisho (plural fishos)

  1. (Australia, slang) A fisherman.
    • 2000, Paul Worsteling, Fishing Western Port, page 36,
      This channel is often used as a short cut by fishos who launch at Stony Point and fish the Corinella region.
    • 2001 October 7, Bob McNair, “Any Perth fishos”, in, Usenet[1]:
      Are there any Perth fishos that regularly check this ng?
    • 2007, Rod Harrison, Forward, Steve Cooper, Fishing Techniques: Salt and Fresh Water, page 7,
      Fishing Techniques is a landmark contribution to the fisho think tank. Read and enjoy — somewhere, someway it will make your time on the water more enjoyable and more productive.
  2. (Australia, slang) A fishmonger.

Derived terms[edit]

  • fisho's (fishmonger′s shop), also a common misconstruction of fishos (fishermen).



fisho (accusative singular fishon, plural fishoj, accusative plural fishojn)

  1. H-system spelling of fiŝo



fisho (plural fishi)

  1. fish
    La fishi esas en la aquo. — The fish are in the water.