fit as a butcher's dog

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Based on the assumption that a butcher's dog is likely to be well fed because of the ready supply of its master's meat.


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fit as a butcher's dog (not comparable)

  1. (chiefly Britain) Very fit; in good shape.
    • 1991 July 4, Mike Selvey, The Guardian, "Cricket: England out to make it seventh time lucky":
      This time not only is Gooch as fit as a butcher's dog but England, through their efforts at Headingley and Lord's, are mentally attuned to the process of both winning and, crucially in the second match, not losing.
    • 2000 April 16, Nick Nairn, Sunday Herald, "Food for Thought":
      In my eyes, Nick Nairn is still in his early 20s, invincible and as fit as a butcher's dog.
    • 2010 July 12, BBC News, "Runner launches Nottinghamshire's first ultra marathon":
      "I had my midlife crisis at 31 but here I am at 48 and as fit as a butcher's dog," he said.