five-finger discount

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five-finger discount (plural five-finger discounts)

  1. (slang, euphemistic) Theft or pilferage, typically of a small item; shoplifting.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:theft
    • 1986, James Ellroy, Killer on the Road, Avon Books, →ISBN, page 28:
      I was a burglary detective for three years before I joined the Speaker's Bureau, and you might say I managed to acquire a few things at a five-finger discount, if you catch my drift.
    • 1990, "The Telltale Head" (The Simpsons season 1 episode 8)
      - Hey, guys. Where'd you get all that great stuff?
      - Five-finger discount, man.
      - You ripped it off?


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