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flabbergast +‎ -ment


flabbergastment (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of flabbergast (Overwhelming shock or surprise):[1]
    • 1963. National Geographic, Vol. 122. National Geographic Society.
      It was the Wells-Fargo coach, the Deadwood coach of Buffalo Bill's Wild West, the coach from which steps that pulchritudinous schoolmarm from the East to the flabbergastment of gawping cowpokes.
    • 1988. John Barth. Lost in the funhouse: fiction for print, tape, live voice. Anchor Press. page 69.
      I even attempted tears myself, but flabbergastment dried my eyes.
    • 2002. Timothy Zahn. Angelmass. Macmillan. page 175.
      She had the immense satisfaction of watching him trip over his own tongue, a look of total flabbergastment flooding over his face.


See Thesaurus:surprise

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