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flirtation +‎ -ship and/or Blend of flirtation +‎ relationship.



flirtationship (countable and uncountable, plural flirtationships)

  1. (rare) flirtation
    • 1918, Gilbert Frankau, One of Them:
      Jack's Jills ! Why, Muse possesses quite a list full,
      May's Jill, and June's Jill, August's, and September's. . . .
      Yet dares no more than skim each light adventure
      Which followed on flirtationship's indenture.
  2. (informal) A casual relationship based only on flirtation.
    • 2011, Anna Lefler, The Chicktionary, page 70:
      You may have a flirtationship with your best friend's brother, a coworker, or the baristo with the nice forearms who makes your latte []