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  1. present participle of flood


flooding (countable and uncountable, plural floodings)

  1. An act of flooding; a flood or gush.
    • 1875, Mark Twain, Some Learned Fables for Good Old Boys and Girls
      And by the same token it was plain that there had also been a hundred and seventy-five floodings of the earth and depositings of limestone strata!
    • 1960 December, “Talking of Trains: The railway and the Devon floods”, in Trains Illustrated, page 709:
      [...] at Cowley Bridge Junction, east of Exeter, both lines were impassable from about 1.30 p.m.—the first flooding of the junction for 36 years—and by the evening the water had risen two-thirds of the way up the platforms at St. Davids as Exeter faced its worst flooding for 60 years.
  2. (psychology, figuratively) Emotional overwhelm sometimes leading to a primal state of rage or panic.
  3. (psychology) A form of therapy that treats a phobia by suddenly exposing the patient to the object of the phobia, instead of approaching it gradually.

Derived terms[edit]