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Abbreviation of fan magazine.



fmz (plural fmz)

  1. (dated, fandom slang) Fanzine.
    • 1943 October, Bulmer, H. K., “Staggerings”, in Futurian War Digest[1], number 31, page 7–8:
      The ludicrous situation may arise of all Fandom producing one zine for their own consumption - but I hardly think so. [] And this situation will prove a spur to the recruiting of more fans, and the converting of fans into actifans. Partnerships will be dissolved after the war, when the new, bright crop of fmz that are promised spring up.
    • 1944, Speer, John Bristol, Fancyclopedia[2], fmz:
      fmz - (Brazier:Joquel) - Suggested abbreviation for fanzines. Pronounced [femz], but distinguished from "femmes" by accompanying the latter word with a whistle and descriptive gesture.
    • 1950 December, Hoffmann, Lee, “Chaos”, in Quandry[3], number 5, page 2:
      Yes, beginning with this issue QUANDRY will bring you Fanews of the South. Serving as O-O for AUSF will in no way limit QUANDRYs horizons, tho. It will remain the life-loving li'l fmz that it has been.
    • 1995 September 11, Lindsay Crawford, “Re: All Knowledge Is Contained in Fanzines”, in rec.arts.sf.fandom, Usenet[4], message-ID <>:
      There have always been crudzines, but in the current environment the average fmz is done by someone with some skill, with a limited audience in mind.