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From Old Galician-Portuguese folia, from Old French folie (madness, folly).



folía f (plural folías)

  1. feast, party, merrymaking
    Synonyms: esmorga, festa, foliada, ruada, troula, xolda
  2. (dated) folly
    • c1350, Kelvin M. Parker (ed.), Historia Troyana. Santiago: Instituto "Padre Sarmiento", page 112:
      Et mays vos digo, que nõ queria por mjll marcos de ouro que estes mesageyros dos gregos rreçebesem desonrra nẽ mal nẽ dãno, nẽ que se y fezese tal folia; nẽ he rrazõ nẽ dereyto.
      And I tell you more, that I didn't want, not even for a thousand marks of gold, that these messengers of the Greek would had received any dishonour or wrong or injury, nor that there was committed such a folly; because it is not right nor reason

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