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Etymology 1[edit]

By a jocular implication that the protruded abdomen is like that of pregnancy.


food baby (plural food babies)

  1. (idiomatic, humorous) A protruding belly resulting from the consumption of a large quantity of food; the contents of one's digestive system causing the protrusion.
    • 2006, Sean Makiney, Belegana: Just a Silly Wite Man, Belegana, Ltd, page 153:
      I went to the restroom to give birth to a food baby...
    • 2008, Diablo Cody, Jason Reitman, Juno: The Shooting Script, Newmarket Press, page 5:
      JUNO: (in low tones) Dude, I'm pregnant. LEAH: Maybe it's just a food baby. Did you have a big lunch?
    • 2009, A. J. Walkley, Queer Greer, A. J. Walkley, page 233:
      "Becs, look, I ate so much I have a food baby," I said, pushing out my stomach for her entertainment.
    • 2010, Jordan Pease, Don't Let Me Go: Based on A True Story, Trafford Publishing, page 140:
      If this hadn't been a dinner for me and I had been a little bit trashier, I totally would have undone my belt and button on my jeans, because my food baby was kicking.
    • 2010, Virginia Maxwell, Alex Leviton, Leif Pettersen, Tuscany & Umbria, Lonely Planet, page 191:
      Dishes are largely composed of lighter fare - such as smoked swordfish and salmon salad - much appreciated when you're still carrying a food baby from a previous meal.
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Etymology 2[edit]

By a jocular implication that straining at stool is like straining at labor and delivery (childbirth).


food baby (plural food babies)

  1. (idiomatic, humorous, vulgar) A large or painful bowel movement.
    —Do you need help in there?
    —I'm having a food baby!
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