for fake

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Prepositional phrase[edit]

for fake

  1. (humorous) Not for real.
    • 1990, Beverley Gasner, Girls at Lighthouse Point, Dutton, →ISBN, page 161,
      [] and Justin just kept mumbling to him, ‘Go away, go away, I want to sleep.’”
      “For real?”
      For fake is what I think. But I don’t know []
    • 2001, Niobia Bryant, Three Times a Lady, Kensington Books, →ISBN, page 283,
      “True,” Jordan said as he switched lanes effortlessly. “We’re staying in a renovated Victorian castle sitting on the edge of a lake.”
      “For real?” he asked, some interest now evident.
      “No, for fake,” Jordan joked. “Trust me, son. We’re gonna have fun.”
    • 2004, Debbie Gardner and Mike Gardner, Raising Kids Who Can Protect Themselves, McGraw-Hill Professional, →ISBN, page 64,
      Sometimes, young children have learned they can delay their bedtime by creating false monsters and ghosts for attention. [] What the child learns besides delaying bedtime is, “It feels good to hide my eyes, get a big hug and lots of loving attention when I am afraid for real and for fake.”
    • 2006, John Lawton, A Little White Death, Atlantic Monthly Press, →ISBN, page 97,
      Head nodding gently, knees crossed, all but tapping his foot to the human rhythm as though the groans and moans of coitus – for real or for fake – were more a concert on the Third Programme than a Home Servicing.