for real

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Alternative forms[edit]


for real (comparative more for real, superlative most for real)

  1. (informal) Genuine, true; serious, earnest.
    Is his story for real?
    • 1968 September 6, “Outreach in the inner city makes library 'for real'”, in Christian Science Monitor:
      [] demonstration sponsored by the library may make the library more' "for real" to the inner-city person
    • 1971, “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get”, performed by The Dramatics:
      Some people / Are up to no good, ah / But baby, I'm for real / I'm as real as real can get
    • 1996, “Wannabe”, in Spice, performed by Spice Girls:
      Oh, what do you think about that / Now you know how I feel / Say you could handle my love, are you for real?



for real (not comparable)

  1. Genuinely, truly.
    This recipe takes two hours to cook, for real!




Derived terms[edit]