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From Middle English fordriven, from Old English fordrīfan ‎(to drive, sweep away, drive on, impel, compel, drive away, expel, overtax), from Proto-Germanic *fra- + *drībaną ‎(to drive), equivalent to for- +‎ drive. Cognate with West Frisian fordriuwe, ferdriuwe ‎(to expel), Dutch verdrijven ‎(to expel), Low German verdriben ‎(to drive away), German vertreiben ‎(to expel, drive out, banish), Danish fordrive ‎(to oust, expel), Swedish fördriva ‎(to drive away, drive out, banish). More at for-, drive.


fordrive ‎(third-person singular simple present fordrives, present participle fordriving, simple past fordrove, past participle fordriven)

  1. (transitive, Britain dialectal) To drive away; expel.
  2. (transitive, Britain dialectal) To drive about; drive here and there; drive astray.

Related terms[edit]