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From fore- +‎ stroke.


forestroke (plural forestrokes)

  1. A forward stroke or movement.
    • 1963, Howard L. Sanders, The Cephalocarida:
      The endopods of the second maxilla and of the trunk limbs flick medially at the termination of the forestroke and the posterior setae of the endopod are pointed medially.
    • 1985, Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth sciences:
      Forward motion can also be produced by the figure-8 stroke, by increasing the angle of attack on the backstroke and decreasing it on the forestroke, and by moving the whole limb from 'forward and down' to 'back and up' (Fig. 10c,d).
    • 2014, Luc Rombouts, Singing Bronze: A History of Carillon Music:
      Around 1500, beyaerders also applied their chiming technique on the smaller bells of the forestroke.
  2. (music) An ornament in which one or more notes are added before the principal note, such as an appoggiatura or acciaccatura
    • 1882, Harmony Simplified: Text-book of the Harmony Circle:
      Yes, and we call it a waving forestroke. It sometimes waves upward, sometimes downward.
    • 1901, The Musical Herald and Tonic Sol-fa Reporter:
      The particular kind of forestroke was also indicated by double letters.