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From fore- +‎ study.


forestudy (third-person singular simple present forestudies, present participle forestudying, simple past and past participle forestudied)

  1. (transitive, rare) To study beforehand or in advance.
    • 1821, Henry Nugent Bell, The Huntingdon Peerage:
      Third, where he says, with his quaint, but expressive brevity of style, " that Lord Hastings was an honourable man, a good knight, and a gentle of great authority with his prince; of living somewhat dissolute, plain and open to his enemy, and sweet to his friend; easy to be beguiled, as he that (of good heart and courage) forestudied no peril; a loving man, and passing well-beloved; very faithful and trusty, and trusting too much."


forestudy (plural forestudies)

  1. Anything studied or requiring study beforehand; a prerequisite.
    • 1993, Roger S. Woolhouse, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: Critical Assessments - Volume 1 - Page 261:
      As we shall soon see, this latter point will become an important means of comparison and differentiation when we investigate the Discourse. Thus, even though Couturat believed this work to be a forestudy for the Discourse (L 267), it fails to be [...]