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From fore- +‎ thoughtful; or forethought +‎ -ful.



forethoughtful (comparative more forethoughtful, superlative most forethoughtful)

  1. Having or full of forethought; provident; proactive; visionary.
    • 1827, Thomas Aird, Religious Characteristics, William Blackwood (Edinburgh), p. 290 (Google preview):
      But we live in an age of the world when a spirit is abroad which is more than directly and blessedly influential on the present,— which is forethoughtful and prospective, casting its relations like strong grappling-irons over the future, and claiming its issues.
    • 1913, Stewart Edward White, chapter 3, in Gold:
      Meal times always caught the majority unaware. They tumbled and jostled down the companionways only to find the wise and forethoughtful had preëmpted every chair.
    • 2006, Roger MacBride Allen, BSI Starside: The Cause of Death, →ISBN, p. 225 (Google preview):
      And I should have been forethoughtful enough to see the looming danger.

Derived terms[edit]