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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English forhowien, from Old English forhogian (to neglect, disregard, despise), equivalent to for- +‎ how. Cognate with Old Saxon farhuggjan, Old High German farhuggan.


forhow (third-person singular simple present forhows, present participle forhowing, simple past and past participle forhowed)

  1. (transitive, obsolete) To despise; scorn.
  2. (transitive, Britain dialectal, Scotland) To forsake; quit; abandon; desert.
    • 1881, Gregor, Elk-Lore:
      It was believed that handling any bird's eggs in the nest made the bird forhooie them, [...]
  3. (transitive, Britain dialectal, Scotland) To cast off; scorn.
    • 1768, Ross, Hclenort:
      Mind what this lass has undergane for you, Since ye did her so treach'rously forhow, [...]