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From forwork, equivalent to for- +‎ wrought.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of forwork


forwrought (comparative more forwrought, superlative most forwrought)

  1. Worked-up; agitated; troubled.
    • 1829, John Carne, Stratton Hill: A Tale of the Civil Wars - Volume 1 - Page 131:
      [...] Arthur; a fearful night it was: there was a sough in the air, a sound drawing nigh like that of a host marching:- — but you're looking pale and forwrought, man; is any thing ailing ye?
  2. Blocked; obstructed.
    • Grant Allen, Early Britain: Anglo-Saxon Britain
      And Æthelwold sat within the ham, with the men that to him had bowed, and he had forwrought [obstructed] all the gates in, and said that he would either there live or there lie. Thereupon rode the ætheling on night away, and sought the [...]