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four +‎ legged


four-legged (not comparable)

  1. Having four legs.


Derived terms[edit]



four-legged (plural four-leggeds)

  1. An animal that walks on four legs.
    • 2000, Clyde Holler, The Black Elk Reader, →ISBN, page 195:
      The four-leggeds blamed the cleansing on the humans, and decided to destroy all two-leggeds.
    • 2011, Cynthia Dawn, Indigena: A Novel Celebrating the Spirit of Cinco De Mayo, →ISBN, page 113:
      We were talking about how Catolicos seemed to not see the one-leggeds and four-leggeds as sacred.
    • 2013, Vine Deloria, ‎Vine Deloria, Jr., ‎& James Treat, For This Land: Writings on Religion in America, →ISBN, page 238:
      It was a serious race, for the two-leggeds—human beings and birds—were racing the four-leggeds to determine which should feed the others.
  2. An intersection where two roads cross.
    • 1998, Accident Models for Two-lane Rural Roads: Segments and Intersections:
      With respect to hazard rating, an opposite and possibly inconsistent explanation might be offered: It may be that drivers underestimate roadside hazards at three-leggeds and relatively speaking overestimate them at four-leggeds.

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