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Alternative forms[edit]


free and easy (comparative more free and easy, superlative most free and easy)

  1. Casual, informal, relaxed, unrestrained.
    • 1857, Bayard Taylor, chapter 20, in Northern Travel:
      The other passengers were three Norwegians, three fossil Englishmen, two snobbish do., and some jolly, good-natured, free-and-easy youths.
    • 1918, Rex Ellingwood Beach, chapter 13, in The Winds of Chance:
      "That's more money than I've seen in a month," said she. "I wouldn't be so free and easy with it, if I were you."
    • 2006 May 19, Ian Buruma, "Hard Luck for a Hard-Liner," New York Times (retrieved 19 June 2014):
      The Netherlands, proud of its multicultural tolerance, its hospitality to strangers, its free and easy social ways, used to be thought of as a soft touch for would-be immigrants.



free and easy (plural free and easies)

  1. (historical) A tavern offering informal entertainment from amateur and professional performers.

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