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Etymology 1[edit]

free +‎ ball. See ball (testicle).


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freeball (third-person singular simple present freeballs, present participle freeballing, simple past and past participle freeballed)

  1. (intransitive, slang) To wear no underwear under one's outer clothing.
    • 1995, Steven Zeeland, in some book or something:
      And when you freeball in fatigues you're a walking hard-on anyway []
    • 2003, Christian Fletcher, in another book:
      I had run out of clean underwear on a road trip, and I had heard rumors about the pleasures associated with freeballing, and so I made the decision and []
    • 2004, Michael Ryan:
      [] has thrown away dozens of pairs of underwear throughout his life, having to freeball the rest of the day.

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Etymology 2[edit]


freeball (plural freeballs)

  1. (volleyball) This term needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}.
    • 1981, National Volleyball Coaches Association Technical Journal:
      Just about every play in the game, service reception, general play and freeball, involves the use of the front A and/or back A, although they are not always set.
    • 1985, Bob Bertucci Tina Kogut Bertucci, Ralph Hippolyte, Championship Volleyball Drills: Combination and complex training, page 99:
      Areas of emphasis can be: team blocking, serve reception, attack combinations, freeball execution, and spiker coverage.
    • 1998, The American Volleyball Coaches Association, Coaching Volleyball, page 34:
      By serving tough, using effective downball placement, not giving easy freeballs and simply attacking smartly and in a tough manner.
  2. (television) A show that is developed by the station without participation by the network.
    • 1965, Television - Volume 22, page 74:
      But the freeballs it has done on its own, Farmer's Daughter, Hazel, Bewitched, have proven the gambit.
    • 1970, Federal Communications Commission Reports:
      Then there was no dearth of venture capital to provide freeball pilots for the market.
    • 1984, Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Telecommunications, Consumer Protection, and Finance, page 138:
      At this time virtually no active producers go so far as to commission a "freeball" script without prior consultation with the network.


freeball (third-person singular simple present freeballs, present participle freeballing, simple past and past participle freeballed)

  1. To improvise; to act without a set plan.
    • 2003, JJ Christopher, The Wolf Boys' Club:
      "Strap in," he said, sternly. "My bird, my rules. No one freeballs it when I'm doing the flying."
    • 2016 January 11, Kiri Blakeley, “Give him props! Talented props designer creates astonishing new masks every day - with nothing but items like tacks, elastic bands and panty hose”, in Daily Mail:
      'For the designs, I just freeball it. I have a strategy where I try to keep the same gaze, but I like those that are flipped, such as when I put my head sideways'.
    • 2017 September 13, Brian Steinberg, “Stephen Colbert Q&A: Despite Politics, 'Late Show' Host Just Wants to Make Audiences Laugh”, in Variety:
      I’m still going to change it when I say it and I’ll often kind of freeball, as we say, how it transitions from moment to moment, because we don’t have to write it conversationally.
    • 2019 November 27, Barbara Pavone, “Every Post Malone face tattoo explained”, in Nicki Swift:
      When Capital XTRA tried to find out what his next designs would be, Malone confessed, "I don't know. I just kind of freeball it."
  2. (volleyball) To make a freeball shot.
    • 2017 September 6, Josh Seguin, “Hodsdon nets 500th career kill as STA sweeps Hilltoppers”, in Seacoastonline:
      But we can't just freeball it to them because they will kill it right back at you.