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Etymology 1[edit]


freeboard ‎(plural freeboards)

  1. (nautical) The vertical distance between the waterline and the uppermost watertight deck of a vessel.
  2. The distance between a water level and the top of something that contains or restrains it (such as a dam).
  3. The distance between the top of sea ice and the water level.
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

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a freeboard

From being a skateboard with an additional degree of freedom of movement (yaw) and some additional rocking (roll) movement


freeboard ‎(plural freeboards)

  1. a type of skateboard which simulates the movement of a snowboard when used on a downhill coarse, allowing snowboarding techniques, which has an addition of two centerline casters that extend below the traditional skateboard wheels and bogies.


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