fresh country eggs

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fresh country eggs pl (plural only)

  1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see fresh,‎ country,‎ eggs.
    • 1914, United States. Dept. of Agriculture, Farmers' bulletin (issues 601-625, page 17)
      It is difficult to see how a user of eggs could afford to pay such prices when fresh country eggs are being sold by farmers to country grocers at this moment for prices ranging above and below 20 cents a dozen in trade.
    • 2006, Frank J. Kennedy, A Corner Boy Remembers: Growing Up in St. John's, page 8:
      Every Saturday a farmer came to our door selling fresh country eggs from his big round basket covered with straw.
    • 2008, Bill Rieckhoff, The God Who Discovered Me: A Spiritual Journey, page 8:
      He started shipping about half a case of fresh country eggs to my parents every week or two.
  2. A common way to describe ordinary chicken eggs on a breakfast menu, especially in expensive restaurants and hotels.