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As if to continue the sequence once, twice, thrice with four.



frice (not comparable)

  1. (rare, nonstandard, humorous) four times
    • 1999, John R Erickson, Gerald L Holmes, Every dog has his day
      [] not once or twice or thrice or frice, but many times, and always under awkward conditions.
    • 2001, Benedict Kelly, The collected stories of Benedict Kiely
      [] and wince, she says, and twice and thrice and frice and fice and sice and seven-up sits the Star of the County Down []
    • 2001, "Joe", Linnell finds the camera! (on Internet newsgroup
      Three cheers for scratch: Hip hip huzzah! Hip hip huzzah! Hip hip huz-ZAH! Not only do I get to see it now, but I got to say huzzah thrice! Well, I guess now it's frice.
    • 2001, "Alan T Gower", Seconds from Disaster (on Internet newsgroup
      I've been caught out once or twice or thrice or frice.
    • 2015, "Chumbucket", Mad Max (Video game)
      Our sacred boost is now finally perfected! As powerful as can be... and FRICE can you use it!