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From frog +‎ -ly.


frogly (comparative more frogly, superlative most frogly)

  1. Of, relating to, or pertaining to frogs; froglike.
    • 1877, "The Centennial Frog", The Centennial Frog, and Other Stories, publ. by Clazton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, page 14.
      Lieutenant Frog's rich frogly voice / Husky grew with his great theme;
    • 1901, Grant Allen, In nature's workshop:
      [] and when at last they arrive at frogly maturity, they escape into the world through the mouth of their father.
    • 1945, American Nature Association, Nature magazine:
      Yet as some of the verses show, Aristophanes knew a good deal of actual frogly habits.
    • 2008, Bruce Coville, Oddest of All:
      On those sacred nights you can rise in frogly glory to confront the villains who are poisoning my subjects.


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frogly (comparative more frogly, superlative most frogly)

  1. (humorous, nonce word) In a frog-like manner.
    • 2009, Gail Donovan, In Memory of Gorfman T. Frog:
      Toadly awesome!" "Not toadly," said Michael, laughing. "Gorfman's a frog." "It's frogly awesome," said Charu.