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Blend of frozen +‎ yogurt.


frogurt (countable and uncountable, plural frogurts)

  1. Clipping of frozen yogurt.
    • 1978 June, N., “Restaurants in Fort Worth”, in Texas Monthly, page 57:
      If you insist on counting calories try the frogurt (frozen yogurt).
    • 1981, Jill Riss Klevin, The Best of Friends, →ISBN, page 118:
      We walked up the Pacific Coast Highway to the frogurt stand for lunch and had homemade peach frogurt with granola, coconut, and strawberry syrup on top
    • 2009, Nikki Stafford, Finding Lost, →ISBN:
      He asks Hurley if the “frogurt guy” is coming, and clarifies that he used to make frozen yogurt.
    • 2011, Sarah Paige Ryan, Solar-Powered Sex Machine: A Memoir, →ISBN, page 38:
      At first, we were model employees, restocking the toppings, cleaning the counters, prepping the frogurt machines for the next day, and then we met the boys who manned the pizza counter on the other side of the food court, whose manager was also developing a disappearing act.
    • 2012 April 29, Nathan Rabin, “TV: Review: THE SIMPSONS (CLASSIC): “Treehouse of Horror III” (season 4, episode 5; originally aired 10/29/1992)”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[1]:
      The idea of a merchant selling both totems of pure evil and frozen yogurt (he calls it frogurt!) is amusing in itself, as is the idea that frogurt could be cursed, but it’s really the Shopkeeper’s quicksilver shift from ominous doomsaying to chipper salesmanship that sells the sequence.
    • 2014, Stephen King, Mr. Mercedes: A Novel, →ISBN, page 334:
      "Jerome, if Mr. Hodges doesn't make an arrest, could we walk down to the frogurt place?"