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Blend of front +‎ trunk


frunk (plural frunks)

  1. (automotive) A trunk (boot, storage compartment) located at the front rather than the rear of a car.
    • 2013 (summer), Standard, issue 17, page 50:
      The Model S, showing off both its traditional trunk and its surprising "frunk."
    • 2014 March 11, T. T. Monday, The Setup Man: A Novel, Doubleday, →ISBN:
      I pop the trunk of the Porsche and find ...the engine. [] I walk around the front of the car, pop the other trunk—the frunk?—and discover a tire iron nestled next to the spare.
    • 2014 August/September, Charged: Electric Vehicles Magazine, issue 15, page 65:
      [] a rear cargo area that's more like that of a hatchback than the trunk of a sedan, and a "frunk" where the engine isn't. It's also theoretically safer than a dinosaur-burner, at least in a frontal collision, because the frunk provides a long crumple zone in the front []



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