fuck around and find out

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Alternative forms[edit]


fuck around and find out (third-person singular simple present fucks around and finds out, present participle fucking around and finding out, simple past and past participle fucked around and found out)

  1. (intransitive, slang, vulgar) To experience the negative consequences of engaging in a risky course of action.
    • 2014, Keisha Ervin, Reckless 2: Nobody's Girl, page 22:
      “A'ight, you keep on waiting. She gon' fuck around and find out on her own”.
    • 2016, Corbin Reiff, “Jhené Aiko Calls Out Unfaithful Men on 'B's & H's'”, in Complex:
      Debuting on Soulelection's new Beats 1 program, the new track titled "B's & H's" was produced by Fisticuffs and is a sultry warning to any "bitches and hoes" who don't even know what they're in for with a guy who's "gonna fuck around and find out".
    • 2020, Mark Joseph Stern, “Unpacking Joe Biden's Court Packing Position”, in Slate:
      In essence, it was a dare to both Senate Republicans and the Supreme Court itself: fuck around and find out.

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