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From fuck +‎ -ass.


fuckass (plural fuckasses)

  1. (vulgar, derogatory) A despicable person.
    • 2000, Keith Wilkins, The Rape of the Wetlands, page 107:
      “Well,” Riker resumed, turning back to Rocky, “you listen up, fuckass. You speak when I tell you to. And that goes for the rest of you.”
    • 2002, Gregg Easterbrook, The Here and Now, page 133:
      Don't touch me, you fuckass, I'll kill you with my bare hands.
    • 2004, Irving Weinman, Stealing Home: A Novel, page 79:
      "All those green fuckasses, environmental jack-offs. You know why Coastal's going to win the fight to drill off Turtle Key?"
    • 2012, George T. Lindsey, Mesa Flats Resort Circles the Wagons, page 312:
      “You fuckasses are ignoring me. You!” Jack screamed, pointing at Larry.