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ass +‎ fuck


assfuck (plural assfucks)

  1. (Canada, US, vulgar) sodomy, anal sex, an act of anal intercourse.
    • Penthouse Magazine, Letters to Penthouse XII: It Just Gets Hotter (2001) p. 124:
      Too much wetness ruins a good assfuck. The friction is part of what gets me off.
    • Phyllis Coletta, Prior Bad Acts (2001) p. 43:
      And they go on, hanging around me in the pit, talking loudly about assfucks and who spits, who swallows, and how loud they can be when they come.
  2. (Canada, US, vulgar) A jerk; an obnoxious person.
    • Michael Amorel, Horror Between the Sheets (2005) p. cdxxxviii:
      He'd cruised in after work, the week's aggravating assfucks sloughed off...
    • Robert Montague, Amerikkka (2004):
      Can't anyone take a nice warm and relaxing bubblebath without some assfuck ruining it?!
    • Daniel Curzon, Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon (volume Vi) p. 199:
      Eat my dust, assfuck!
  3. (Canada, US, vulgar) An act of stunning betrayal.


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assfuck (third-person singular simple present assfucks, present participle assfucking, simple past and past participle assfucked)

  1. (Canada, US, vulgar) To engage in anal intercourse.
    • Patrick Flynn, Agnes Among the Gargoyles (2001) p. 32:
      But she can't look away, either, when Barbara and Jack start to assfuck. To Agnes, it looks grotesque. The angle is wrong, like the angle of a broken limb.
  2. (Canada, US, vulgar) To betray.
    • Francis Dipietro, Nest: 28 Tales of Pulp Fiction (2000) p. 78:
      "You boys tried to assfuck me," he said softly, menacingly, "...and it backfired."
    • Meredith Sue Willis, Trespassers (1997) p. 218:
      We assfuck their minds.


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