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ass +‎ fuck


assfuck (plural assfucks)

  1. (vulgar): sodomy, anal sex, an act of anal intercourse.
    • Penthouse Magazine, Letters to Penthouse XII: It Just Gets Hotter (2001) p. 124:
      Too much wetness ruins a good assfuck. The friction is part of what gets me off.
    • Phyllis Coletta, Prior Bad Acts (2001) p. 43:
      And they go on, hanging around me in the pit, talking loudly about assfucks and who spits, who swallows, and how loud they can be when they come.
  2. (vulgar): A jerk.
    • Michael Amorel, Horror Between the Sheets (2005) p. cdxxxviii:
      He'd cruised in after work, the week's aggravating assfucks sloughed off...
    • Robert Montague, Amerikkka (2004):
      Can't anyone take a nice warm and relaxing bubblebath without some assfuck ruining it?!
    • Daniel Curzon, Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon (volume Vi) p. 199:
      Eat my dust, assfuck!
  3. (vulgar): An act of stunning betrayal.


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assfuck (third-person singular simple present assfucks, present participle assfucking, simple past and past participle assfucked)

  1. (vulgar) To engage in anal intercourse.
    • Patrick Flynn, Agnes Among the Gargoyles (2001) p. 32:
      But she can't look away, either, when Barbara and Jack start to assfuck. To Agnes, it looks grotesque. The angle is wrong, like the angle of a broken limb.
  2. (vulgar) To betray.
    • Francis Dipietro, Nest: 28 Tales of Pulp Fiction (2000) p. 78:
      "You boys tried to assfuck me," he said softly, menacingly, "...and it backfired."
    • Meredith Sue Willis, Trespassers (1997) p. 218:
      We assfuck their minds.


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