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Alternative forms[edit]


fuck +‎ sore.


fucksore (plural fucksores)

  1. (vulgar, slang) A genital abrasion as a result of an STD, typically from a herpes virus.
    • 2001, Ursula K. Le Guin, Todd Barton, Margaret Chodos-Irvine, Always Coming Home, page 476
      Venereal diseases — presumably varieties of syphilis and gonorrhea — were mostly called fucksores or foreigners' misery — the latter being fair enough, since none was endemic in the Valley.
    • 2010, Nick Cave, Death of Bunny Munro, link
      A seminaked schoolgirl with a biscuit-sized fucksore on the base of her spine, that turns out, wonderfully, to be a tattoo of a ribbon or a bow—'Gift wrapped,' yells Bunny. 'Can you believe it?