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fuckup (plural fuckups)

  1. (vulgar) A serious mistake.
    Forgetting our anniversary was a major fuckup.
  2. (vulgar, pejorative) One who continually makes mistakes.
    You've got to fire that fuckup.
  3. (vulgar, pejorative) An ineffective person.
    Don't mind me, I'm just a harmless fuckup.
    • 2014 June 22, John Oliver, “Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements”, in Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, season 1, episode 8, HBO:
      Yeah, because unfortunately for them, the judge found them guilty not just of that, but the much larger crime of not being a member of the royal family there. And sure, yeah, that’s just one rogue family member, but that’s the key drawback of inherited power. Having a monarchy means the fate of your country is basically a genetic lottery, because every family has the one fuckup they talk about behind their backs. And if you’re thinking, “my family doesn’t,” then I’m afraid it’s you. I’m sorry about that.


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