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full +‎ bosom +‎ -ed


full-bosomed (comparative more full-bosomed, superlative most full-bosomed)

  1. (generally of a woman) Having an ample bosom, having large breasts.
    • 1825, “Criticism on female beauty”, in The New Monthly Magazine, volume 10, page 150:
      A favorite epithet of the Greek poets, lyrical, epic, and dramatic, is deep-bosomed. [] Full-bosomed might imply a luxuriance every way. Deep-bosomed is spoken in one of those poetical feelings of contrast, which imply rather a dislike of the reverse quality
    • 2010, Robert Fedorchek, The Translators, page 152:
      When he grew into a man, though, he sought out full-bosomed women like Inés, but unlike her, he wanted full-bosomed women who were also docile, compliant, and susceptible to flattery; in a word, he concentrated on women who would submit to him.
  2. (figuratively) Abundant, generous, large, excessive.
    • 1937, “A new design in shrimp”, in Ladies' Home Journal, volume 54, page 52:
      For there's a something in the air. Summer is at its most full-bosomed ripeness. Soon it will be a little overripe.
    • 2012, Christopher Amatobi, Many Moons Ago in Africa, page 91:
      By the time Ama got to the scene, Egeonu had given four more full-bosomed wails. The lamentation did not leave anybody in doubt that something terrible had happened.