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  1. present participle of fume


fuming (comparative more fuming, superlative most fuming)

  1. That fumes.
  2. Very angry.
    • 2011 October 2, Kevin Core, “Fulham 6 - 0 QPR”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      The first Premier League hat-trick by a Fulham player was taken in fine style, but it also exposed a slack defensive display which left QPR manager Neil Warnock fuming on the sidelines.


fuming (plural fumings)

  1. The act of one who fumes or shows suppressed anger.
    • 1840, The Monthly Magazine, Or, British Register
      He fumed, and threatened, and stormed; but his fumings, and threatenings, and stormings, were powerless to turn from him the keen edge of public ridicule.
    • 1949, New Brunswick Laboratory, Assayer's Guide
      Evaporate, fume again, cool and wash down the sides of the beaker and watch glass, and then fume again. Your fumings are necessary to remove the cupferron decomposition products and nitric acid from the solution.
    • 1986, John B. Sanford, The Waters of Darkness
      And endlessly you'd read his fumings against the running dogs of capitalism, against the lackeys and the lumpen — and against you for being unable to collect a bill from his debtor.

Derived terms[edit]