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The Mexican word "güero" ultimately originates from the Spanish word huero (empty), from the phrase huevo huero (an empty egg that was lost during incubation). The phrase huevo huero became associated with a sick person, and from this association came the association with the color white.[1]



güero (feminine singular güera, masculine plural güeros, feminine plural güeras)

  1. (Mexico) having pale skin and/or blond hair


güero m (plural güeros, feminine güera, feminine plural güeras)

  1. (Mexico) a person with light skin and/or blond hair
    ¿Qué onda, güero?What's up, whitey?

Usage notes[edit]

  • Often used as a term of endearment, or an informal way of saying "whitey" in Spanish. Unlike gringo, which generally refers to Americans, güero is used generally to refer to a lighter-skinned person, including the whites born in Mexico.

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