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From Romani gadje (a non-Roma).



gadgie (plural gadgies)

  1. (Scotland, Geordie, Mackem, Teesside) A man
    • 2008, Ian Black, "An earthquake hits Newcastle" in Geordies vs Mackems & Mackems vs Geordies, Black & White Publishing ISBN 9781845028619, page 97
      They also said (many times) “Fuck” and “Some gadgie's just knacked me 'ouse.”
    • 2013, Ray Banks, Wolf Tickets, Blasted Heath Ltd ISBN 9781908688187, page 49
      "He's in a wheelchair." Cobb took a large gulp from the bottle, showed his teeth. "How dangerous can a gadgie in a wheelchair be, eh?"
  2. (Scotland, especially Dundee, pejorative) A person who is poorly educated and engages in hooliganism, petty criminality or loutish behaviour. This usage sometimes carries the connotation of youth.

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