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Unknown, but some believe it to be a shortening of the word godbonde ("good-farmer"), although it can also be borrowed directly from its Swedish equivalent. Probably akin to the Nynorsk verb guve ("to stand crouching") which is from Old Norse gaupn ("something bent").


gubbe m

  1. An old man, geezer, husband, man of the house (lovingly or derogatory)
    En hvithåret gubbe gikk forbi. (Bokmål)
    Ein kvithåra gubbe gjekk forbi. (Nynorsk)
    A white-haired old man walked by.
    Jeg skal spørre gubben (Bokmål)
    Eg skal spørja gubben (Nynorsk)
    I'll ask the man of the house.
    Hva er det den gamle gubben vil nå, da? (Bokmål)
    Kva er det den gamle gubben vil no, då? (Nynorsk)
    What does the old geezer want now?
  2. A stick of dynamite
    Noen kasta gubber mot butikken min! (Bokmål)
    Nokon kasta gubbar mot butikken min! (Nynorsk)
    Someone threw dynamite sticks at my store!






gubbe c

  1. an old or elderly man (can be derogatory)
    Gå rakt fram, mot gubbarna där borta.
    Go straight up to those old men over there.
  2. one's husband
    Jag gick till teatern med min gubbe.
    I went to the theatre with my husband.


Inflection of gubbe 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative gubbe gubben gubbar gubbarna
Genitive gubbes gubbens gubbars gubbarnas