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Alternative forms[edit]


Gaia +‎ -ism


gaiaism (uncountable)

  1. The belief and theory of Gaia model of interconnectedness of biosphere on Earth.
    • 1998 February 17, Krow, “population explosion- government, religion, individual?”, in alt.religion.wicca, Usenet[1]:
      As an integral organism (a-la gaiaism), the planet will find a way to control the poplation of any species becoming too dominant.
    • 2000, Kate Zernike, "School Puts a New Spin On Earth Day After Suit", The New York TImes, 29 April 2000:
      Among their complaints was that discussions of the earth as creator were included in Earth Day celebrations, which the parents said constituted gaiaism, or the organized worship of the earth.
    • 2004, Steven Hart, "Who’s Sauron — bin Laden or Bush?", Salon, 28 February 2004:
      The alert evangelicals at the ChildCare Action Project cite “The Two Towers” for no fewer than 17 “offenses to God,” including “gaiaism” (walking, talking trees — oh dear), “mockery of the Transformation” (Gandalf’s second coming is a bit close to, well, the Second Coming) and “miraculous reverse aging” (presumably the spontaneous makeover Theoden undergoes once Saruman’s possession is thrown off).

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