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galumph +‎ -er


galumpher (plural galumphers)

  1. Someone who galumphs
    • 1975, Marshall Smelser, The Life that Ruth Built: A Biography, U of Nebraska Press →ISBN, page 113
      Hooper's dangerous galumpher, Babe Ruth, turns out to have been the leading defensive outfielder of the American League in 1919 with a fielding average of . 992. ( His fielding as a pitcher included two more errors and reduced his fielding  ...
    • 2011, Natasha Solomons, The House at Tyneford: A Novel, GoodReads
      It's uncanny.” I shrugged. “Mr. Wrexham usually complains I'm a galumpher.” He gave a tight smile and sat down in his battered chair, pouring the pink gin into a potted plant beside the window and helping himself to whisky from the decanter.