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gamo- +‎ -phobia


gamophobia (uncountable)

  1. The fear of marriage.
    • 1808, Edward Dubois, Fashionable Biography; or, Specimens of Public Characters by a Connoisseur, W. Lewis (1808), page xlv:
      He has on him a perpetual gamophobia, and an instinctive antipathy to births and marriages, which makes him carefully avoid that part of the newspapers in which they so constantly appear.
    • 1997, Joseph Wambaugh, Floaters, Random House (1997), ↑ISBN, page 243:
      "I've got gamophobia," Anne said. "That's fear of marriage. I should've gotten it a lot sooner. My marriages had the shelf life of buttermilk."
    • 2005, C. L. McGranaghan, The Analyst, a Corporate Novel[1], ↑ISBN, page 57:
      He explained that a recent University of Indiana study indicated that almost twice as many men as women had gamophobia, fear of marriage, but that almost twice as many women as men had genophobia, fear of sex.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:gamophobia.


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