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From gay +‎ -ful.



gayful (comparative more gayful, superlative most gayful)

  1. Full of gaiety or cheerfulness; cheery; gay; lively.
    • 1970, Senʼichi Hisamatsu, Murasaki Shikibu: The Greatest Lady Writer in Japanese Literature:
      Although she read about the gayful events of the fifth volume of Hokke Sanju-ko, she was not able to regain self.
    • 1986, Maktaba, volume 9, issue 2:
      Nairobi is a very nice town and people are likeable and gayful.
    • 1996, Sarah Lawson, A fado for my mother:
      It was an open square before the earthquake and was left an open square when the rest of the city was rebuilt. The guidebook says of it, 'It has a lively gayful atmosphere, with its cafes and esplanades always crowded with people.'
    • 2000, Ḥayim Gordon, Dwelling Poetically:
      Heidegger apparently was blind to the gayful, playful, frolicking, dancing aspects of Nietzsche's writings.
    • 2011, Robert Tosei Osterman, From Chicago to Spinoza:
      “I marshaled all my thoughts today And marched them out in sweet array. The bleachers were of depth and wide And viewed each nod so none could hide. “'Twas a gayful crowd and mighty strong That turned about to dance a song; [...]



Derived terms[edit]