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gender ideology (countable and uncountable, plural gender ideologies)

  1. The set of roles and assumptions in a particular culture that are associated with gender and pertain to non-sexual activities, such as occupation, appropriate expressions of emotion, etc.
    • 1993, Anne Kostelanetz Mellor, Romanticism & Gender, →ISBN, page 107:
      Wollstonecraft's construction of femininity explicitly challenged the dominant gender ideology of her culture, the concept of the female promoted by conservative and radical thinkers alike, from Burke to Rousseau.
    • 2002, Sung-Jo Park, ‎Arne Holzhausen, ‎& Benjamin Lunau, Social Science Centered Studies on Modern Japan, →ISBN, page 86:
      One further important element of gender ideology is the ascription of technical competence for men and boys as opposed to girls, in other words, the role of technology in gender ideology.
    • 2003, Michael Frank Collins, ‎Mike Collins, ‎& Tess Kay, Sport and Social Exclusion, →ISBN, page 97:
      The common bond between women's experience of sport and women's experience of social exclusion is that in both institutions women experience strong discrimination stemming from a pervasive gender ideology.
    • 2006, Sarah M. Nelson, Handbook of Gender in Archaeology, →ISBN, page 301:
      Many histories of classical Greece and Rome present gender roles as static universal norms conforming to the dominant patriarchal gender ideology in each culture (e.g., Cowell 1980).
    • 2012, Lake Lui, Re-negotiating Gender, →ISBN:
      From the emerging data and based on Hochschild's (1989) delineation, there are three types of gender ideology—traditional, transitional and egalitarian. They can be defined in terms of marital power, expectations of men and women's production role, and expectations of emotional labor.
  2. (derogatory) A set of beliefs that promotes inclusiveness of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations.
    • 2018 January 24, Jonathan Luxmoore, “Catholic bishops denounce LGBT diversity law”, in The Tablet:
      Although it appears to pursue the good end of honouring all people, it also assumes the whole linguistic fabric of gender ideology, which aims to eliminate the concepts of male and female, dismantle corporal identity and deconstruct the human body, marriage and family.
    • 2018 March 24, “Thousands of Croatian Far-Right Supporters March in Zagreb”, in Voice of America:
      "We are against gender ideology," Zeljka Markic, a leader of the conservatives, told The Associated Press.
    • 2018 June 14, Vedran Pavlic, “Transgender People Have a Right to Be Issued New Diplomas”, in Total Croatia News:
      Some say that the latest instruction represents the promotion of the so-called gender ideology, but the Ministry denies this, reports Večernji List
    • 2019 March 7, Natalia Cote-Muñoz, “Murdered Women Can’t Celebrate International Women’s Day”, in Foreign Policy[1]:
      Brazil’s Bolsonaro has denounced the presence of “Marxist rubbish,” political debate, and “gender ideology” on Brazil’s school campuses. Militants opposing so-called gender ideology throughout Latin America erroneously argue that teaching sexual education attracts young people toward homosexuality, feminizes boys, and masculinizes girls.