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genre +‎ bending


genre-bending (uncountable)

  1. The subversion of tropes associated with a particular artistic genre or the synthesis of multiple genres.
    • 2005, October 7. "Internet the source for the scores", Chicago Tribune.
      "For "Corpse Bride", the idiosyncratic composer has drawn on his affinity for musical genre-bending."
    • 2015, Kasper Bro Larsen, The Gospel of John as Genre Mosaic, page 284:
      "After Attridge has convincingly established the fact of "genre bending" in John's text, he sensibly asks the question why it is there."


genre-bending (comparative more genre-bending, superlative most genre-bending)

  1. Characterized by subversion of generic tropes or fusion of disparate genres.
    • 2016, January 22. Rebecca Strong, "The Challenges of Marketing a Genre-Bending Novel." Publishers Weekly.
    • 2019, April 5. Lisa Respers France, "Billy Ray Cyrus sings about diamond rings and Maseratis in Lil Nas X's genre-bending song", CNN.